While traditional tractor/truck pulling is always done on dirt, for a TTC concrete is a common surface. You certainly don’t want to make the ramp so small that you don’t have any wiggle room on either side for a mistake. It’s always better to be a little bigger than you need than it is to be too small and wreck your RC vehicle everytime you miss the jump. The 4WD chassis is engineered for durability, performance, and high-torque climbing capability, with metal beams, aluminum frame rails, and a reliable multi-link suspension. The large cargo space and retractable tailgate make it easy to add a wide variety of 1/18 scale options, such as motorcycles, kayaks, and camping equipment, for more scale detail. Most RC model trucks with hard plastic body shells are scale SUVs, making this 1/18 scale pickup something of a rarity. Its premium two-tone color scheme duplicates the look of the original 1974 Chevrolet K10.

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Some of the hills we’ve used for the competitions are so steep that falling doesn’t just mean you get a DNF, you also probably have a wadded up truck. Driverless scale rigs look fine when posed on the trail, but when they’re under power and there’s no one in the bucket, it looks like The Invisible Man is trying to make a getaway. In this how-to, James Knight shows you how to put a realistic driver behind the wheel and complete your rig’s off-road-ready look. Always apply thread-lock to engine-mount screws and any other screws that thread into metal.

Power Module & Metal Slipper Upgrade Set: BOOST BOX

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A bashing-optimized suspension keeps it easy to handle while you blast at speeds of 20 mph or more. Mid-chassis mounting of the 540 motor protects it from dirt and impact damage. Front to back, the ARRMA GRANITE VOLTAGE MEGA 2WD RC monster truck is engineered for low-maintenance, trouble-free fun. It’s all topped off with an ultra-tough, realistic RC truck body and decals. One of the best RC trucks for new drivers, the ARRMA GRANITE VOLTAGE MEGA 2WD keeps startup costs down without limiting how far your RC journey can go. For the ultimate RC 4×4 truck experience, kits are available for hobbyists who want more control over what’s inside their vehicle.

Scale Sizes of Hobby-Grade RC Cars

To find out more about how to build your own RC vehicle from a kit, reach out to our team today. With the sheer number of diverse options offered by Traxxas and the other brands that we carry, you’re empowered to build the best RC car for you.

Pockets can be machined into key areas to help reduce weight and add some chassis flex. Aluminum can act as a heat sink so it is usually the material of choice for nitro cars; however, it is too heavy for most electric applications. The Losi Raminator monster truck features a 2.4 GHz Losi radio system equipped with DSM technology providing a crystal and interference-free control. It also has a two-speed transmission for high-speed action, LST suspension that features Mega shocks to handle big landings and rough terrains. Exterior details include side mirrors and an outstanding lighting system that features headlights, turn signals, and reverse lights. The spacious cab interior offers bench seats, a center console, and steering wheel. In back, the truck bed with retractable tailgate will haul any 1/18 size cargo you choose to add, from motorcycles and kayaks to camping gear.

When you’re looking for a remote control truck, it’s important to know what scale you want. Scale refers to the ratio between a remote control vehicle’s size and the size of its full-size counterpart. If you’re interested in buying an RC semi truck, you want to make sure that your model has been scaled correctly so that it looks realistic when compared to other vehicles on your track. One of the most popular types of RC cars is replicas, which are models of real vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and motorcycles.