Essentially, the value should be similar to that of replacing the jewelry with a similar piece of jewelry in a relevant market being sold at the retail price. If you don’t have a strong vision for your brand at the beginning, you can figure it out as you go. Make or purchase jewelry that what inspires you and then talk to your customers about what attracted them to your work.

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Buying and selling jewelry can be a tricky business. I would recommend that you start with some training so you can accurately identify the jewelry that you are considering buying. There are many trade schools that teach jewelry working skills that may be able to help you, and of course, GIA has excellent educational programs.

Each method of selling estate jewelry has its strengths and liabilities. Besides the price received for the jewelry, the time investment you have to make to sell the jewelry enters the equation. I have known people who have driven around town for two days just to make $20 more. Not all people decide to buy and pay cash on the spot.

What is Revival Jewelry?

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How to Start a Dropshipping Wholesale Distribution Business

We are wondering what the difference is between appraisal value and what market value might be. Hi Robert, it sounds like you have an interesting collection there. The new jewelry from years ago will still have its intrinsic value, but the styles may have gone out of fashion.

Hi Brad, we would be happy to evaluate your inherited jewelry and let you know how much it is worth. Come by the shop anytime for a free value appraisal.